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In all cases cheap 10mg anafranil with mastercard, then surround themselves with a polysaccharide-contain- however order 50 mg anafranil fast delivery, the child looks ill generic anafranil 50 mg with visa. In older children, a clinical ing biofilm that makes them more resistant to attack by picture of minimal fever and fairly diffuse and unchar- 571 4 4. The mobility of the adjacent joint is The antibiotic treatment can only be effective if is started usually restricted. Systemic antibiotics are un- layer of soft tissue, painful swelling and inflammation able to eliminate the bacteria either from necrotic bone or may be present. Consequently, purely conservative treatment is indi- cated only in the early stages (i. It can only be administered parenter- restricted movement accompanied by fever should ally in an untargeted manner initially and should, wher- elicit the tentative diagnosis of acute hemato- ever possible, be started only after blood cultures have genous osteomyelitis. The bacteriological cultures must be taken as to be maintained until it is either confirmed or an emergency measure in order to isolate an organism as ruled out. In children up to the age of 3 or 4, a normal sep- In order to treat any sepsis adequately, every effort should sis treatment should be administered as a combination be made to identify the triggering organism. Bacterial of aminopenicillin with clavulanic acid (=Augmentin) screening starts (regardless of the febrile spikes) with 220 mg/kgBW/24 hr i. In older children a monotherapy pects of a positive detection is increased still further if targeted against staphylococci can be started as these the painful site is screened for a subperiosteal abscess are the bacteria most likely to be expected (e. An effusion of penicillin with clavulanic acid = Augmentin) 220 mg/ the nearest joint is also ruled out during the sonogram kgBW/24 hr i. If Blood cultures and aspirates should be investigated an organism has been found, the intravenous treatment for aerobes and anaerobes. Other laboratory tests include should be continued with the highest-dose monotherapy. The CRP is blood count and the leukocyte count are non-specific checked on the 2nd day after the start of treatment. The erythrocyte inflammatory parameters (fever, pain, CRP) have signifi- sedimentation reaction is usually substantially elevated, cantly regressed by this point, treatment is subsequently but is a very slowly-progressing parameter. A bone scan is prepared be normal, while the sedimentation rate is already greatly preoperatively in order to establish any other additional elevated. X-rays are also used for monitoring the progress of A key requirement is the correct implementation the condition. The osteolytic focus itself does not provide of the surgical treatment, i. The bone scan evacuated and all necrotic tissue (sequestra) must be only has diagnostic significance if the test results for the consistently removed. This material must be examined local aspirates and blood cultures are negative and if the both bacteriologically, for aerobic and anaerobic organ- bone scan is the only way of confirming the diagnosis of isms, and histologically. Since the osteomyeli- operation, although we do not insert a suction/irrigation tis is typically located in the metaphysis, the interpreta- drain. Nor do we consider the use of antibiotic-impreg- tion can sometimes be difficult because of the physiologi- nated methyl methacrylate chains to be appropriate. If further necrosis is present the acute osteomyelitis will heal surgical treatment is required, the bone scan should show of its own accord. Ultrasound is very useful for detecting a subperiosteal abscess or an intraarticular effusion/septic arthritis. The In acute hematogenous osteomyelitis surgery is always MRI scan is a more sensitive diagnostic investigation indicated as primary treatment (prior to the adminis- than the x-ray. It is especially useful for detecting an ab- tration of antibiotics), if there is either scess inside or outside the bone. A sequestrum can also an abscess (inside or outside the bone) sometimes be seen. In doubtful cases, however, a CT scan a sequestrum or must be added, as this is more appropriate for visualizing involvement of an adjacent joint sequestra.

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In certain types of dysostosis order anafranil 10mg with mastercard, the children are smaller than the figure for the 3rd percentile cheap anafranil 10 mg mastercard, ratio of upper to lower leg length and of upper arm to 25% are smaller than the 25th percentile etc anafranil 10mg. Stunted growth is the term used to does not remain constant throughout physical develop- refer to children below the 3rd percentile, while dwarfism ment. While it largely follows a linear pattern during child- involves a (presumed) final height of less than 150 cm. The fastest growth occurs during pregnancy and in the first year of life. Growth then remains constant for several years until the onset of the pubertal growth spurt, which occurs some 2 years earlier, on average, in girls than in boys. Height is dependent on the rate of growth and is com- pared against standardized values. These standardized values are based on the statistical analysis of very large populations. Unfortunately, most of the corresponding tables are already several years old and, given the phe- nomenon of acceleration, no longer accurately reflect the current situation, since children now grow taller, on aver- age, than they did 20 years ago ( Chapter 1. Growth curve for girls: Height with mean and percentiles certain degree of dispersion. Phases of physical development from birth to adulthood Age group Age Subdivision Age Infancy 0 to 1. The heels and head should be in contact with of the spinal column) is much faster during this period the wall and the child should look straight ahead. To this end, the has peaked (or in the middle of the spurt), the menarche 2 patient sits on a (hard) chair with known seat height. Besides height while sitting is measured and the seat height sub- the menarche and the breaking of the voice, the state of tracted. The percentage ratio of trunk length to height de- maturation can also be evaluated on the basis of pubic clines during childhood from 70% to 48% (⊡ Fig. Both the menarche both increase in linear fashion, while between 5 years and and the start of ossification of the iliac crest apophysis puberty, leg growth is responsible for two-thirds of the in- (Risser sign, chapter 3. The ratio of trunk length to height is altered in the disproportionate growth of dwarfism, in which the growth of the spinal column and head is less impaired than that of the extremities (e. In 77% of individuals the difference is less than 2 inches (5 cm), in 22% it is between 2 and 4 inches (5 and 10 cm) and in only 1% of cases does it exceed 4 inches (10 cm) and arouse suspicion of a Marfan syndrome. Weight can likewise be compared against graphs showing means and percen- tiles. The 5th, 25th, 75th and 95th percentiles are usually shown for weight (⊡ Fig. Obesity has a considerable effect on growth disorders, and obese children and adolescents should be referred, with their parents, for dietary counseling. While no difficulties with orthopaedic problems would be expected in adolescents (particularly girls) below the 5th percentile, they may have an anorexic mindset and thus require psychological counseling. Weight in girls: Average with mean and percentiles accord- Skeletal age ing to age. Not all 50% 60 children mature at the same rate, and the physiological 25% 50 5% range incorporates differences of ± 2 years. In boys, the 30 voice can break between the ages of 12 and 16 years of age. Weight in boys: Average with mean and percentiles at about aged 10 compared to around 12 years in boys according to age. At the outwardly visible changes with the secretion of go- fairly high concentrations, the sex hormones inhibit the nadotropins by the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland secretion of growth hormone and maturation is promoted at around age 8 in boys and 7 in girls. Evaluation of the maturation status in boys and girls Stage Characteristics Duration Development stages of the genitalia in boys Stage 1 Prepuberty: Scrotum and penis remain the same size as during childhood Stage 2 Enlargement of scrotum and testes 1 year Stage 3 Lengthening of penis 1 year Stage 4 Penis becomes larger and thicker, the glans develops, the scrotal skin turns a darker color 2 years Stage 5 Genitalia assume their adult form Maturation stages of pubic hair in boys and girls Stage 1 Prepuberty: Still without pubic hair Stage 2 Sparse growth of fine, light-colored, downy hair, which is straight or only slightly curly, primarily on the 1 year root of the penis and the labia Stage 3 Hair becomes darker, coarser and more curly. Downy facial hair in boys 1 year Stage 4 Hair growth resembles the adult pattern, but the area covered by the hair is smaller, hair growth also in 2 years the armpits. Facial growth more pronounced in boys Stage 5 Pubic hair assumes its adult form Development stages of the breast in girls Stage 1 Prepuberty: Still without breasts, but nipples project Stage 2 Budding breast: Projection of the breast and nipple as a small protuberance 1 year Stage 3 Further enlargement and swelling of the breast without demarcation of contours, the areola also grows 1 year Stage 4 Separate swelling of the areola and nipple across the actual surface of the breast 2 years Stage 5 Breast assumes its adult form. The areola recedes into the general contour of the breast, and only the nipple projects 48 2.

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Donor sites are then dressed with epinephrine-soaked Telfa dressings for 10 min cheap 50 mg anafranil overnight delivery. The Small Burn 203 The scalp provides the surgeon with the best quality of skin for burn surgery buy anafranil 75 mg low price. The harvesting is practically painless and the donor site remains concealed pro- vided the hairline is not crossed discount anafranil 25 mg on-line. The scalp should be considered the first choice in infants and small children and when excision and grafting of face burns are considered. The following are some of the principles for successful harvesting of scalp donor sites: 1. Infiltrate the area to be harvested with 1:200,000 epinephrine solution. Provide enough tension to facilitate the harvest by achieving a flat surface. The head should be fixated by an assistant to allow control and good exposure 6. A scrubbed anesthetist should hold the endotracheal tube and protect the airway (Fig. Apply epinephrine-soaked (1:10,000) Telfa dressings when harvesting is completed. When the scalp is not an option as a donor site (either due to concomitant scalp burns or lack of parent or patient’s consent), the buttocks are the second choice in small children who are still in diapers. For older children, the thigh or back provides the surgeon with plenty of skin grafts. It is more painful to harvest than the scalp, but it is easy to dress and care for, and it heals properly in few days. Infiltration of subcutaneous epinephrine solutions should be considered to obtain good hemostasis, although it is not necessary to use tumescent technique to provide good tension. An assistant should hold the limb in good position and the muscles should be positioned in tension. The thigh is then serially harvested until enough quantity of skin grafts has been obtained. Epinephrine-soaked Telfa dressings are then applied to the donor site and the thigh is dressed after 10 min. Medium-sized burn injuries present with extensive graft requirements be- yond those available from scalp or thigh donor sites. Even though some medium- sized burns can be grafted by using both thighs, the back is usually the best donor site for these injuries. Large amounts of skin grafts with excellent quality are readily available from this area. However, many surgeons dislike using skin from the back because the patient has to be positioned prone. The use of a second operating table to roll the patient and on which to harvest the back can solve this problem. A B FIGURE 8 The scalp is an excellent donor site for split-thickness skin autograft. The hairline should be drawn before shavingto avoid inadvertent harvest of skin in the upper neck posterior neck and on the forehead. A second operating table is placed parallel to the main operating table and sterile drapes are prepared. The patient is then rolled onto the second operating table and the main operating table is moved aside. The back is prepped in the standard fashion and the area infiltrated with 1:200,000 epinephrine solution. It is impera- tive to infiltrate the back, because good tissue tension is needed to provide good- quality skin grafts. Moreover, an even surface is needed, since all bony structures (especially ribs) preclude any good grafting technique unless Pipkin’s technique is used. Graft requirements are then drawn onto the back surface according to burn wound measurements and long strips of medium-thickness skin grafts are harvested. It is necessary to change the blade of the dermatome very often: it becomes dull very quickly due to the thickness of the dermis.

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This is an example of how the operative plan may change based on the area of the burn best anafranil 75mg. Once the techniques for excision and closure of the wound are chosen buy 75mg anafranil with mastercard, care must be taken to provide a technically sound result buy anafranil 25 mg lowest price. Although in small burns local flaps can be used for wound closure, most significant burn wounds will require closure with skin grafts. These are applied to wound beds where the cells of the graft are kept alive by nutrients in the serum produced by the wound bed until vascularization takes place (1–4 days after application). For this process to take place and for the skin graft to take, four things are required: A viable wound bed No accumulation of fluid between the graft and the wound bed 224 Wolf No shear stresses on the wound Avoidance of massive micro-organism proliferation Performance of the selected technique must be reliable to ensure adequate out- come. Then meticulous attention should be paid to placing the grafts and adhering them to the wound bed. Consideration should be given to the lines inherent in placing grafts either from the meshing or the grafts themselves in order to minimize cosmetic scarring. Selection and application of the dressing are equally important: the dressing should apply pressure to the wound to minimize dead space under the graft, minimize shear stress, and provide antimicrobial properties. This portion of the operation is often overlooked, and if performed inadequately will lead to poor results. Wound Healing and Scarring The skin is made up of two distinct layers: the epidermis and dermis; function of the skin depends on the presence of both. The epidermis, made primarily of keratinocytes, provides a continuous moisture and antimicrobial barrier. The underlying dermis is responsible for most of the other functions of the skin, including shear strength, pliability, contour, eccrine function, hair production, sensation, and so on. When the skin is lost from injury, the wound is closed by contraction, keratinocyte migration, and/or skin grafts. Most of the modern techniques of wound closure involve replacement of the epidermis to re-establish barrier continuity, which is generally successful. What is absent after closure is most of the dermal layer that is responsible for all the other functions. In its stead a neodermis of disorganized fibroblasts, macrophages, and collagen forms under the epidermal layer. This layer provides for continued wound contraction, hyper- trophic collagen deposition, and is a nonpliable surface, which we typically asso- ciate with scarring. It was found long ago that wound closure with full-thickness skin grafts containing a complete epidermis and dermis provides for the best outcomes in terms of wound contraction, appearance, and pliability. As a general principle, therefore, a graft with increasing levels of dermis should provide the best func- tional and cosmetic outcomes. Split-thickness donor sites can be taken at many depths, the deeper of which contain more dermis. When these are used as auto- grafts, these sites will have decreased scarring. The limitation to this is that deep donor sites leave significantly increased scarring at the donor site. This should be kept in mind during operative planning and the use of donor sites. OPERATIVE INDICATIONS AND PLANNING Once the initial urgent measures for burn resuscitation have been undertaken, a plan of action for further management of the wound is necessary. This manage- The Major Burn 225 ment plan can include conservative and operative measures depending on the patient’s age and condition, burn depth, burn size, and burn wound location. This assessment is very important: it will dictate the proper treatment, including the need for operative treatment and the planning thereof. Burn depth is most accurately judged by the appearance of the wound to experienced practitioners. However, new technologies such as the heatable laser Doppler flowmeter with multiple sensors hold promise for quantitatively determining burn depth.

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First apply pressure to the greater trochanter pletely straight on the x-ray plate buy anafranil 25 mg low price. Then order anafranil 50mg online, from the same The Ombrédanne line is drawn from the lateral abduction position purchase 75 mg anafranil with visa, try to dislocate the femoral head by edge of the acetabular roof, i. If it snaps back epiphysis (perpendicular to the Hilgenreiner line) and into place, the hip is »dislocatable«. Stabilize the pelvis crosses through the Hilgenreiner line to form four with the other hand by placing the thumb on the feet and quadrants. Normally the center of the femoral head encircling the sacrum with the other fingers. Examination of abduction From a position of 90° flexion, the hips are simultane- ously abducted and externally rotated. While the hips of a healthy neonate can almost always be abducted down to the examination table, abduction is inhibited in disloca- tion or subluxation of the hip in the first 3 months of life. Examination of the range of motion Neonates usually show a flexion contracture of around 30–40°. This is a physiological finding, since both hips are flexed more than 90° within the uterus. Since it is not possible therefore to examine rotation in the extended position, rotation is examined in the flexed position in the usual way. AP x-ray of the hips of an 18-month old infant with a high normally possible if the hip is flexed by more than 90° hip dislocation on the left side because of the tensing of the hamstrings. If the hip is dislocated however, the knee can be extended in this position. For further details on the examination of the hip in children and adolescents see also chapter 3. Radiographic diagnosis Radiographic diagnosis in infancy is almost completely irrelevant nowadays since it has been superseded by ultra- sound, an examination that not only involves no radiation exposure but one that is also more informative. Since the femoral head center starts to ossify after a year or so, the diagnosis must then be made radiologically. Other x-ray views do not produce reproducible results since large sections of the skeleton are still cartilaginous at this stage and thus not radiopaque. The AP view in the infant should always be an x-ray of both hips so that the pelvic position and the horizontal situation can be evaluated. Guide lines for evaluating x-rays of the infant hip (Hilgen- A few guide lines will facilitate a general evaluation of reiner, Ombrédanne, acetabular angle, Shenton-Ménard); the AP view of an infant (⊡ Fig. In a dis- graphic teardrop also deforms over time if dysplasia is located hip this arc is disrupted because the femoral present. For details of the radiographic diagnosis of the hip in ▬ Acetabular roof angle = AC angle or acetabular index adolescents and adults see chapter 3. The average angle at birth Hip arthrography is suitable for evaluating the carti- is 30°, at 1 year slightly over 20° and at 3 years of age laginous sections of the hip, the ligament of head of under 20°. Although it has become less angle in infancy and early childhood, although the important since the introduction of ultrasonography, it accuracy of measurement for this angle is not very is still valuable for checking the result of a reduction and great (±5°). In particular, soft tissue obstructions in the center of the acetabulum are better evaluated by arthrography than by ultrasound. From the gluteal fold, a long needle is inserted under sterile conditions and advanced up to the hip under image-intensifier control. On the one hand it shows the whole femoral head down to the reflection of the joint capsule and, on the other, the acetabulum from the cranial labrum to the caudal acetabular rim with ⊡ Fig. The ligament of the femoral tribution in 2,294 normal and questionably pathological hips (mean, head is also shown. We can readily assess the position single and double standard deviation) of the femoral head in relation to the acetabulum and ⊡ Fig. Schematic view of the arthrographic findingsof an infant The position of the femoral head in relation to the acetabulum and with a dislocated hip: the whole femoral head down to the reflection their demarcation are readily assessed; it is also possible to establish of the joint capsule and the acetabulum from the cranial labrum to whether intra-articular soft tissue obstructions prevent the deep cen- the caudal acetabular rim with the transverse ligament, also show- tering of the femoral head ing the ligament of head of the femur (ligamentum capitis femoris). MHz transducer head for small infants and the 5 MHz It is possible to establish whether intra-articular soft head for larger infants.

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