Sonic Toothbrush


Now you'll be "Done-In-One™" minute with Cybersonic2®, a new technological breakthrough in sonic toothbrush oral care for you and your family! The revolutionary Cybersonic2® is a new and improved version of the popular Sonic Toothbrush oral-care system with more convenient features than ever before! It's faster, easier to use, and combines 41,000 sonic strokes per minute with patented Cyberspring™ bristles to take oral care to a higher power. The patented bristles custom fit the unique contours of your teeth and gums, reaches awkward areas with ease, and is easy to clean in warm water. Bristle colors help identify multiple users while the brush head cap keeps bristles clean and sanitary. Select 1 payment option to receive free upgrade to rush shipping (10 business days).

Product Includes:
Power Brush Handle, Recharging Stand, 2 Brushes, 2 Flosser Stems, 2 Tongue Cleaners, 4 Smile White Toothwhitening Syringes with Gel (3 month supply), 1 Sample Packet of "O" Non-Abrasive Tooth Gel, 45 Pre-strung Dental Floss Tips and 1 Year Warranty.

Only 5 payments of $19.95
plus $9.95 shipping and handling

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (less S&H)


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Sonic Toothbrush

Sonic Toothbrush

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Sonic Toothbrush

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