Miracle Blade

Tired of using the same knife to perform a variety of functions in the kitchen? Miracle Blade is a 10-piece knife set that includes everything you need to make your time in the kitchen more efficient. Chop vegetables for stir fry, filet fish for dinner, slice cheese and fruit for party platters . . . and more!

Product includes:
1 - Miracle Blade Slicer
1 - Rock 'n Chop
1 - Filet & Boning Knife
1 - Chop 'n Scoop
1 - Paring Knife
1 - Kitchen Shears
4 Steak & Utility Knives
& Chef Tony's Recipe & Tip Guide.

BONUS: Additional Miracle Blade Slicer and Perfect Juicer.

5 years in development
Revolutionary Comfort Handles
Unique Design
Spectacular 3-in-1 Edge
Dishwasher Safe
Made to the highest standards of German Stainless Steel (country of origin may vary)

Only $39.95
plus $14.95 shipping and handling

30 Day Money Back Guarantee (Less S&H)


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Miracle Blade

Miracle Blade

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